Hello there 👋🏻

Welcome to Munchkins and Mayhem. This is the most accurate description I could use to describe to my life these days.
Just an another ordinary stay at home mom, raising 3 munchkins in utter mayhem. Pretty fitting if you ask me.
Here you’ll be able to read any little tips and tricks I’ve learned since becoming a SAHM, my struggles and wins, the good, the bad, and the ugly realities with being a stay at home parent these days. But before we go into all of that, let me to introduce myself to you a little more!

My name is Alison. I’m a 30 year old millennial mom/step mom to 3 barbarous boys. My family and I live in a not so fancy but decent little town in CT. We live a pretty normal life for the most part, but we do make the most out of our time together. We have endless amounts of boys yelling and fighting daily, dirty faces, trucks of every sort, endless toys, and dogs barking. We are “livin’ the dream over here”, as I always say. 🤙🏼

6 years ago, I met my fiancé who was a single father to 3 y/o boy who had the craziest little Afro with the cutest little dimples every time he laughed.
I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous to try out this new chapter with the two of them and kind of diving into “parenthood” so quickly, but I am SO glad I had and what I’ve learned along the way.

As we continue to grow through life together as a not so picture perfect family, my desire to start Munchkins and Mayhem was to share my experiences for anyone who may be struggling with their new roles in life.
I can come off strong and don’t always sugar coat what I’m saying but I am here to let you know it WILL get better and it DOES get easier.
There’s not much glitter and sunshine that comes with being home 24/7 with your kids but I have accepted my role here and you will eventually too..

These are my uncensored, authentic, raw and undeniable truths about MY parenting life journey and I’m ready to share them with you.






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